Author: Belonogaya, E.S.
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WEYYPLS3 Development of Methods for Calculation of Bunch Radiation in Presence of Dielectric Objects 2274
  • A.V. Tyukhtin, E.S. Belonogaya, S.N. Galyamin, V.V. Vorobev
    Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  Funding: This work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (Grant # 18-72-10137).
Radiation of charged particles moving in presence of dielectric targets is of interests for various applications in accelerator and beam physics*. Typically, the size of the target is much larger than the wavelengths under consideration. This fact gives us an obvious small parameter of the problem and allows developing approximate methods of analysis. We develop two methods: "ray-optical method" and "aperture method"**. These methods can be very effective for all situations where we can find the tangential field components on the "aperture" which is an object boundary illuminated by Cherenkov radiation. We apply the aperture method to different dielectric objects including a prism, a cone, and a ball. Electromagnetic field is analyzed on different distances from the objects. The special attention is given to investigation of the field in the far-field (Fraunhofer) area having large importance for various applications. We obtain analytical results for different objects, demonstrate typical radiation patterns and discuss new physical effects, in particular, the phenomenon of concentration of radiation and effect of "Cherenkov spotlight". Prospects of use of aperture method and ray-optical one for other objects are discussed as well.
* R.Kieffer et al, PRL, 121, 054802 (2018).
** E.S.Belonogaya et al, JOSA B, 32, 649 (2015); S.N.Galyamin, A.V.Tyukhtin, PRL, 113, 064802 (2014); A.V.Tyukhtin et al, J. Instrum., 13, C02033 (2018).
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