Author: Bissiato, E.
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MOPTS042 Hardware Commissioning of the Renovated PIAVE Injector at INFN-LNL 949
  • G. Bisoffi, L. Bellan, J. Bermudez, E. Bissiato, D. Bortolato, F. Chiurlotto, M. Comunian, T. Contran, A. Facco, E. Fagotti, P. Francescon, A. Friso, A. Galatà, C.S. Gallo, M.G. Giacchini, M. Lollo, D. Martini, M.O. Miglioranza, P. Modanese, M. Montis, E. Munaron, G. Nigrelli, S. Pavinato, M. Pengo, A. Pisent, M. Poggi, L. Pranovi, M. Rossignoli, D. Scarpa
    INFN/LNL, Legnaro (PD), Italy
  • V. Andreev
    ITEP, Moscow, Russia
  • M.A. Bellato
    INFN- Sez. di Padova, Padova, Italy
  During 2018, the PIAVE superconducting linac injector at INFN-LNL, based on superconducting RFQs and two cryomodules with quarter wave resonators, underwent a renovation plan. This operation was strictly related to the one carried out on ALPI [1], which will become a post-accelerator for both stable and exotic beams in a near future. PIAVE Quarter Wave Resonator (QWR) cryomod-ules, in operation since 2006, were moved to ALPI to be used for the acceleration of both stable beams and future exotic beams delivered from the cyclotron target-ion-source station, after appropriate purification, charge breeding and pre-acceleration stages. In order to cope with the removal of the two QWR cryomodules in PIAVE, a newly designed 80 MHz room temperature buncher was designed, built and tested: the buncher is required so as to match the longitudinal phase space between PIAVE su-perconducting RFQs (SRFQ1 and SRFQ2) and ALPI. In the same period, substantial refurbishments on the ECR ion source platform were carried out, in particular on its infrastructure and safety equipment. A problem on an electronic component on SRFQ2, though quickly fixed, delayed beam commissioning of the PIAVE injector, which will start at the end of May 2019.  
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