Author: Holzer, E.B.
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WEYYPLM2 The 2018 Heavy-Ion Run of the LHC 2258
  • J.M. Jowett, C. Bahamonde Castro, W. Bartmann, C. Bracco, R. Bruce, J. Coello, J. Dilly, S.D. Fartoukh, E. Fol, N. Fuster-Martínez, A. Garcia-Tabares, M. Hofer, E.B. Holzer, M.A. Jebramcik, J. Keintzel, A. Lechner, E.H. Maclean, L. Malina, T. Medvedeva, A. Mereghetti, T. H. B. Persson, B.Aa. Petersen, S. Redaelli, B. Salvachua, M. Schaumann, C. Schwick, M. Solfaroli, M.L. Spitznagel, H. Timko, R. Tomás, A. Wegscheider, J. Wenninger, D. Wollmann
    CERN, Meyrin, Switzerland
  • D. Mirarchi
    The University of Manchester, The Photon Science Institute, Manchester, United Kingdom
  The fourth one-month Pb-Pb collision run brought LHC Run 2 to an end in December 2018. Following the tendency to reduce dependence on the configuration of the preceding proton run, a completely new optics cycle with the strongest ever focussing at the ALICE and LHCb experiments was designed and rapidly implemented, demonstrating the maturity of the collider’s operating modes. Beam-loss monitor thresholds were carefully adjusted to provide optimal protection from the multiple loss mechanisms in heavy-ion operation. A switch from a basic bunch-spacing of 100 ns to 75 ns was made as the beam became available from the injector chain. A new record luminosity, 6 times the original design and close to the operating value proposed for HL-LHC, provided validation of the strategy for mitigating quenches due to bound-free pair production (BFPP) at the interaction points of the ATLAS and CMS experiments. Most of the beam parameters of the HL-LHC Pb-Pb upgrade were attained during this run and the integrated luminosity goals for the first 10 years of LHC operation were substantially exceeded.  
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