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WEPGW007 Progress of the Machine Control Upgrade at COSY/JüLICH 2473
  • V. Kamerdzhiev, I. Bekman, C. Böhme, R. Gebel, B. Lorentz, P. Niedermayer, M. Simon, M. Thelen
    FZJ, Jülich, Germany
  • R. Modic, Ž. Oven
    Cosylab, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  The Cooler Synchrotron COSY operated at the Research Center Jülich is undergoing staged machine control upgrades driven by the requirements of the JEDI (Jülich Electric Dipole moment Investigations) collaboration. The upgrades aim towards better beam control e.g. beam orbit, tune, and chromaticity control improvements. A better orbit control was achieved through the upgrade of BPM electronics and migration from initial Tcl/Tk based control system to Control System Studio (CSS) utilizing EPICS. Currently, a design for improved beam tune control is in development. The main part of work is the transition towards a faster and less restrictive magnet control. It further includes improved tune measurement tools as well as the migration of control for quadrupole magnets to EPICS. Ultimately the control of all systems should be centralized around EPICS to enable ease of operation, automation, setup of services, etc. The decision path, technical details of the upgrade and performance of the upgraded sub-systems are presented. We also showcase how the COSY team’s physics and research goals are complemented by Cosylab’s technical design and implementation to form a synergetic collaboration.  
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