Author: Agapov, N.N.
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THXXPLM1 NUCLOTRON Development for NICA Acceleration Complex 3396
  • E. Syresin, N.N. Agapov, A.V. Alfeev, V. Andreev, A.A. Baldin, A.M. Bazanov, O.I. Brovko, V.V. Bugaev, A.V. Butenko, D.E. Donets, E.D. Donets, E.E. Donets, A.V. Eliseev, V.V. Fimushkin, B.V. Golovenskiy, E.V. Gorbachev, A. Govorov, E.V. Ivanov, V. Karpinsky, V. Kekelidze, H.G. Khodzhibagiyan, A. Kirichenko, V.V. Kobets, S.A. Kostromin, A.D. Kovalenko, O.S. Kozlov, K.A. Levterov, D.A. Lyuosev, A.A. Martynov, I.N. Meshkov, V.A. Mikhailov, V.A. Monchinsky, A. Nesterov, A.L. Osipenkov, D.O. Ponkin, S. Romanov, P.A. Rukojatkin, K.V. Shevchenko, I.V. Shirikov, A.A. Shurygin, A.O. Sidorin, V. Slepnev, A.V. Smirnov, G.V. Trubnikov, A. Tuzikov, B. Vasilishin
    JINR, Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia
  • A. Belov
    RAS/INR, Moscow, Russia
  • A.V. Philippov, V. Volkov
    JINR/VBLHEP, Moscow, Russia
  The Nuclotron is the basic facility of JINR used to generate beams of protons, polarized deuterons and protons, and multi charged ions in the energy range of up to 5.6 GeV/n. Polarized deuteron and proton beams were obtained at the intensity of 2×109 ppp and 108 ppp, respectively. The injection with RF adiabatic capture was used in two last Nuclotron runs where C6+, Xe42+, Kr26+ and Ar16+ ion beams were accelerated. The resonant stochastic extraction (RF knockout technique) was realized. The complex is now used for fixed target experiments with extracted beams and experiments with an internal target. In the near future, the Nuclotron will be the main synchrotron of the NICA collider facility being constructed at JINR. The installation in the Nuclotron of beam injection system from the Booster and of the fast extraction system in the Collider are required for its operation in the NICA complex. In the frame of the Nuclotron injection chain upgrade, a new light ion linac (LILac) for protons and ions will be built.  
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