Author: Aumüller, S.
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TUPMP054 Investigations on Cryopanels in the Room Temperature Heavy Ion Synchrotron SIS18 1372
  • L.H.J. Bozyk, S. Aumüller, P.J. Spiller
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  The heavy ion synchrotron SIS18 at GSI will serve as injector ring for the FAIR-facility and provide high intensity heavy ion beams. The operation of such beams requires the usage of low charge states, which have high cross sections for ionization. To overcome this issue, many upgrade measure have been realized in the past decade, such as the installation of an ion catcher system with low desorption surfaces and coating 65% of the circumference of SIS18 with NEG to lower the static gas pressure. Since the vacuum dynamics during operation prevent the achievement of the intensity goals for FAIR, new concepts have to be developed, to increase the beam intensity. One idea is the installation of additional pumping speed in the form of cryogenic surfaces. Heavy residual gas components, which have the highest ionization cross sections can be cryopumped at moderate temperatures, i.e. already at 50-80 K. In fact, the only typical residual gas component which can not be pumped via cryosorption in this temperature regime is Hydrogen, which has a factor 50 lower ionization cross sections than Argon, the heaviest residual gas component. In this paper, we present a study of the integration of cryopanels into the vacuum chambers of SIS18.  
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