Author: Buckley, S.R.
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TUPRB083 Status of Clara Front End Commissioning and First User Experiments 1851
  • D. Angal-Kalinin, A.D. Brynes, R.K. Buckley, S.R. Buckley, R.J. Cash, H.M. Castaneda Cortes, J.A. Clarke, P.A. Corlett, L.S. Cowie, K.D. Dumbell, D.J. Dunning, B.D. Fell, P. Goudket, A.R. Goulden, S.A. Griffiths, J. Henderson, F. Jackson, J.K. Jones, N.Y. Joshi, S.L. Mathisen, J.W. McKenzie, K.J. Middleman, B.L. Militsyn, A.J. Moss, B.D. Muratori, T.C.Q. Noakes, T.H. Pacey, M.D. Roper, Y.M. Saveliev, D.J. Scott, B.J.A. Shepherd, R.J. Smith, E.W. Snedden, M. Surman, N. Thompson, C. Tollervey, R. Valizadeh, D.A. Walsh, T.M. Weston, A.E. Wheelhouse, P.H. Williams
    STFC/DL/ASTeC, Daresbury, Warrington, Cheshire, United Kingdom
  • A.D. Brynes, J.A. Clarke, K.D. Dumbell, D.J. Dunning, P. Goudket, F. Jackson, J.K. Jones, J.W. McKenzie, K.J. Middleman, B.L. Militsyn, A.J. Moss, B.D. Muratori, T.C.Q. Noakes, Y.M. Saveliev, D.J. Scott, B.J.A. Shepherd, M. Surman, N. Thompson, R. Valizadeh, A.E. Wheelhouse, P.H. Williams
    Cockcroft Institute, Warrington, Cheshire, United Kingdom
  • R.F. Clarke, G. Cox, M.D. Hancock, J.P. Hindley, C. Hodgkinson, A. Oates, W. Smith, J.T.G. Wilson
    STFC/DL, Daresbury, Warrington, Cheshire, United Kingdom
  • L.S. Cowie
    Cockcroft Institute, Lancaster University, Lancaster, United Kingdom
  • N.Y. Joshi, T.H. Pacey
    UMAN, Manchester, United Kingdom
  CLARA (Compact Linear Accelerator for Research and Applications) is a test facility for Free Electron Laser (FEL) research and other applications at STFC’s Daresbury Laboratory. The first exploitation period using CLARA Front End (FE) provided a range of beam parameters to 12 user experiments. Beam line to Beam Area 1 (BA1) was commissioned and optimised for these experiments, some involving TW laser integration. In addition to the user exploitation programme, significant advances were made to progress on machine development. This paper summarises these developments and presents the near future plan for CLARA.  
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