Author: Burke, D.C.
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TUPGW102 CBETA - Novel Superconducting ERL 1651
  • R.J. Michnoff, J.S. Berg, S.J. Brooks, J. Cintorino, Y. Hao, C. Liu, G.J. Mahler, F. Méot, S. Peggs, V. Ptitsyn, T. Roser, P. Thieberger, S. Trabocchi, D. Trbojevic, N. Tsoupas, J.E. Tuozzolo, F.J. Willeke, H. Witte
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York, USA
  • N. Banerjee, J. Barley, A.C. Bartnik, I.V. Bazarov, D.C. Burke, J.A. Crittenden, L. Cultrera, J. Dobbins, S.J. Full, F. Furuta, R.E. Gallagher, M. Ge, C.M. Gulliford, B.K. Heltsley, G.H. Hoffstaetter, D. Jusic, R.P.K. Kaplan, V.O. Kostroun, Y. Li, M. Liepe, W. Lou, J.R. Patterson, P. Quigley, D.M. Sabol, D. Sagan, J. Sears, C.H. Shore, E.N. Smith, K.W. Smolenski, V. Veshcherevich, D. Widger
    Cornell University (CLASSE), Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-Based Sciences and Education, Ithaca, New York, USA
  • D. Douglas
    Douglas Consulting, York, Virginia, USA
  • M. Dunham, C.E. Mayes
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  Funding: New York State Research&Development Authority - NYSERDA agreement number 102192
We are successfully commissioning a unique Cornell University and Brookhaven National Laboratory Electron Recovery Linac (ERL) Test Accelerator ’CBETA’ [1]. The ERL has four accelerating passes through the supercon-ducting linac with a single Fixed Field Alternating Linear Gradient (FFA-LG) return beam line built of the Halbach type permanent magnets. CBETA ERL accelerates elec-trons from 42 MeV to 150 MeV, with the 6 MeV injec-tor. The novelties are that four electron beams, with ener-gies of 42, 78, 114, and 150 MeV, are merged by spreader beam lines into a single arc FFA-LG beam line. The elec-tron beams from the Main Linac Cryomodule (MLC) pass through the FFA-LG arc and are adiabatically merged into a single straight line. From the straight section the beams are brought back to the MLC the same way. This is the first 4 pass superconducting ERL and the first single permanent magnet return line.
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