Author: Damminsek, K.
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THPGW015 Proposed Beam Test of a Transverse Gradient Undulator at the SINBAD Facility at DESY 3609
  • R. Rossmanith, A. Bernhard, K. Damminsek, J. Gethmann, S. Richter
    KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • R.W. Aßmann, F. Burkart, U. Dorda, F. Jafarinia, B. Marchetti
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  • M. Kaluza
    IOQ, Jena, Germany
  While Laser Plasma Accelerators produce beams with the high output energy required for FELs, up to now the relatively high energy spread has prohibited FEL lasing. Therefore it was proposed to replace the normal FEL undulators by Transverse Gradient Undulators (TGUs). For a first, small scale test of the TGU concept, a 40 period prototype high gradient superconductive TGU was built at KIT and will be tested with beam at the ARES-linac in the new accelerator test facility SINBAD (Short Innovative Bunches and Accelerators at Desy) at DESY. The proposed tests are summarized in this paper.  
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