Author: Dolegieviez, P.
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MOPTS005 Status of the SPIRAL2 Project 844
  • P. Dolegieviez, R. Ferdinand, X. Ledoux, H. Savajols, F. Varenne
    GANIL, Caen, France
  The SPIRAL2 facility at GANIL will use a high-power p, d and heavy-ion superconducting linac for a wide range of applications including RIB production using both ISOL and in-flight techniques. The SPIRAL2 phase 1 deals with the high-power superconducting linac with two experimental areas called ’Neutrons for Science’ (NFS) and ’Super Separator Spectrometer’ (S3). The low energy experimental hall DESIR, under construction, will further increase the possibility for physics experiments. All the linac is installed, the commissioning of the injec-tor part (two sources and the A/Q = 3 RFQ) and two cool down of the entire superconducting linac have been suc-cessfully done. We are now in the linac beam commis-sioning phase. The project scope and parameters, the constraints linked to the safety rules, the accelerator, NFS, S3 and DESIR status and the planning will be pre-sented.  
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