Author: Gu, L.
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Development of Accelerator Driven Advanced Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Fuel Recycling  
  • H.S. Xu, L. Gu, Y. He, Z. Qin, Z.G. Wang, Z.J. Wang, L. Yang, J.H. Zhang, X. Zhang
    IMP/CAS, Lanzhou, People’s Republic of China
  • W.-L. Zhan
    CAS, Beijing, People’s Republic of China
  The proposed Accelerator Driven Advanced Nuclear Energy System (ADANES) is a new closed nuclear energy cycle system, aimed at improving the utilization rate of nuclear fuels, enhancing nuclear safety, reducing the nuclear proliferation, and at becoming a sustainable and low-carbon energy supply for thousands of years. The ADANES system consists of fuel burner similar to the Accelerator Driven System (ADS), used nuclear fuel processing and recycle system. Recently, several prototypes and developments for key technologies have been made, such as 25 MeV proton superconducting linac, granular flow spallation target, a new-design reactor, key process of used nuclear fuel, and others. This talk will present ADANES development and status of key technology R&D.  
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